Suppress dependencies when packing

Some packing scenarios, especially those involving tools, require ignoring all dependencies (PackageReference as well as framework references) from the resulting package dependencies.

I learned of a property supported by dotnet pack for this:


NuGetizer has more flexibility in this regard, providing both a $(PackFrameworkReferences) property as well as granular control over referenced packages via the Pack metadata on each PackageReference:

  <!-- Opt out of all framework references/dependencies -->

    <!-- Unless specified otherwise, opt-out of all dependencies -->

  <!-- Example of explicitly opting in for a particular one -->
  <PackageReference Include="Foo" Pack="true" />
  <PackageReference Include="Bar" /> <!-- Will not be packed -->

But in order to simplify this scenario further, both the compatibility SuppressDependenciesWhenPacking property as well as a new PackDependencies property is supported in nugetizer to achieve the same.

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